Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Schedule

Here's September-----

Sunday 5th
1st preschool Lisa Browning
1st elementary McKenna H.
2nd preschool M.D. Stevens
2nd elementary Tiffany Yarbrough

1st preschool Lisa/Breann
1st elementary Brooke Allert
2nd preschool M.D. Stevens
2nd elementary Tiffany Yarbrough

19th 1st preschool Becky Saavedra
1st elementary Brooke Allert
2nd preschool Jen Barnes
2nd elementary Jill Harris

26th 1st preschool Becky Saavedra
1st elementary Brooke Allert
2nd preschool Jen Chamness
2nd elementary Craig Johnson

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Road Trip Winding UP!

Wow! July was action-packed! Adventure Mountain Camp at Forest Home, vacations, beach trips, and worship all around the U of R campus!

Thank you for showing up every Sunday and faithfully serving the children and families of SGCF.

Corrie Wotisky: you are doing a fabulous job of leading your nursery team--everyone agree? Give Corrie a hug, high-five, and other love when you see her next. Don't forget to say hi to Logan, too.

Becky Saavedra and Jen Chamness: woo hoo! Way to lead the Preschool area--love you ladies, both!

We have some new teachers & leaders coming on board in elementary and preschool. Will preview them in a new blog post soon!

August 8th schedule looks like this:

  • Nursery leads Kerri and Corrie

  • Preschool 1st service Breann & Lisa

  • Preschool 2nd service Jen Chamness

  • Elementary 1st service Becky Baldeon

  • Elementary 2nd service McKenna Harris and/or Tiffany Yarbrough

With 5 Sundays this month, we are finalizing the schedule now and forecasting September through December. Communicate with your area leader about your own family schedules and availability.

Look for news about a summer celebration/fall kick-off Treasure Island Gathering soon...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Road Trip @ SGCF!

SGCF will be in the Casa Loma room this Sunday! Spread the word...

Preschool Team for 6/6/10 = Becky Saavedra 1st, Jen Chamness 2nd

Elementary Team for 6/610 = Becky Baldeon/Richard Peterson 1st, Tiffany Yarbrough 2nd

Sunday, 6/13/10 (at University Hall)

Preschool Team 6/13/10 = Jen Chamness 1st, Mike & Daniela Stevens 2nd

Elementary Team 6/13/10 = Becky Baldeon/Richard P. 1st, Jessie and Rob Carlson 2nd

Sunday 6/20/10 (at Greek Ampitheatre) 1 SERVICE ONLY

Preschool = Lisa Martinez

Elementary = outside adventure after worship (Becky Richard Jessie Rob Jill)

Sunday 6/27/10 (Orton Center)

Preschool = Jill Harris 1st Mike & Daniela Stevens 2nd

Elementary = Brooke Allert 1st, Craig Johnson 2nd

Stay tuned for more summer road trip updates!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

AmazingRace Family Camp... finished!

But, the race has just begun! What a wonderful weekend. Click on the slideshow above to enjoy a sample of pictures from our event. Beautiful weather, ziplines, archery, Around-the-World Challenge, Tower Twister, Bubble-Gum Art, Slo-mo-Tag, and the now infamous raps: "Red Pirate Roberts", "Bulls-in-a-Barrel", "Green Grape Jelly" and "Oompla Loompas" will not soon be forgotten!

A big shout out to all the island team mates who stayed behind to make sure SGCF ran smoothly on May 16th! Tiffany Yarbrough, Craig Johnson, Becky Saavedra, Brooke Allert, Angie Smith, and Breann Crain! Woo Hoo!

We'll see you all on the island next Sunday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twice as Nice

SGCF is growing and with it our Treasure Island Team is expanding!
Welcome to:
Mike and Daniela Stevens (Preschool)
Brooke Allert (Elementary)
Richard Peterson (Elementary)
Corrie Wotisky (Nursery)
Christine Venable (nursery)
Kim and Hannah Freeman (Greeting)
Josh and Emily Torrance (Greeting)
Jen Barnes (Preschool)
Becky Saavedra (Preschool)
Lisa Martinez (Preschool)
Rebecca Crees (Preschool/Greeting)
Athena James (Preschool/Greeting)
Soon, in this very space:
  • pictures and bios of our latest and greatest team mates!
  • a link to Robbie Carlson's most eggs-ellent photography of Easter Sunday
  • schedules for our expanded teams
  • previews of next month's "Amazing Grace" Family Camp and more!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Things I Like About You

It's 2010!

Here's 10 Things I Like About You (The Treasure Island Team):

#10 You like the sound of children laughing

#9 You never met a diaper you couldn't change

#8 Rain, sleet, snow, heat, cold, ants, room changes, schedule show up!

#7 You agree with God: children are valuable and deserve our full attention

#6 You are faithful

#5 You get tired, but that first Sunday smile recharges you

#4 You will be goofy because kids are goofy!

#3 You believe in making a difference

#2 You hope our kids see Christ in you

#1 You are allowing God room to grow you from the inside out!

Team for January 3, 2010

Nursery: Leader is Angie Smith Celeste Lucas Shelly Appel Sabrena

Preschool: Leader is Sandy Acosta Maria (Jill)

Elementary: Leaders are Jessie and Robbie Carlson McKenna Harris

Sign In: Lisa and Rick Browning

We will be welcoming new Islanders later in the month of January....stay tuned!